The Differences Between Cannabis ‘Caregivers’ & ‘Growers’

Here at IndiGrow, our team fully believes that cannabis caregivers were monumental in paving the way for Michigan’s ever-expanding cannabis industry. Unfortunately, they have not been able to provide the highest quality medicinal-grade flower/products to the current market. Until now…

Our Grower, Scott, has been a caregiver in Michigan since it first became legal in 2009. Throughout his time as a caregiver, he has provided medical cannabis for needy patients with cancer and other extreme ailments.

He also was involved in the foundation of the Genesee County Compassion Club. He followed and lobbied for the recreational cannabis legalization movement that made the industry what it is today.

His history in the industry, paired with his passion for helping others and expert knowledge of cannabis growing, made him the obvious fit for IndiGrow. We couldn’t be prouder of Scott and his accomplishments from 2009 until present day.

Our mission is to infuse the ethos of trailblazers like Scott into our operations and to bring a caregiver’s craft-style cultivation to the cannabis consumers of Michigan. Follow along as we break down the differences between ‘caregivers’ and ‘growers.’


What is a cannabis ‘caregiver’?

A caregiver provides medical cannabis for free (or for a reduced price) and has restrictions on plant counts, distribution amounts, and patient numbers.


Michigan’s Cannabis Caregivers Association

At IndiGrow, we love to support all the caregivers out there. According to the Michigan Caregivers Association:

“For years, Michigan caregivers and homegrowers were forced into the shadows. They were punished mercilessly by the criminal justice system, stigmatized by the media, and treated like the dregs of society for getting medicine to the needy.

These pioneers created an industry that is now essential, a recession-proof industry that provides prosperity to thousands upon thousands of Michigan residents. Now, they are getting squeezed out of the industry by the same interests who allowed prohibition to languish on for decades.

The corporate interests have come to feast upon the industry with their cash and their lobbyists to squeeze the pioneers out of the industry. In Lansing, they have had the advantage to defeat the little guy—until now!

The Michigan Caregivers Association (MCA) has been founded to proactively push legislation, ballot initiatives and other campaigns to make sure there are laws on the books that make sure caregivers are able to grow medicine and give it to the needy.”

Be sure to check them out and give them your support!


What is a cannabis ‘grower’?

A cannabis grower (or cultivator) is someone who grows marijuana for medical or recreational use. A grower must have a valid medical marijuana registry identification card, which allows them to purchase seeds or clones and harvest plants from their own property.

*A cannabis caregiver can also be a grower, but not all caregivers are growers.


Differences Between Caregivers & Growers

The differences between cannabis caregivers and growers are subtle but important. The main distinction is that a caregiver is allowed to provide medical marijuana for up to five patients, while growers can cultivate cannabis for more than one patient.

As a caregiver, you are responsible for providing medicine to your designated patients at no cost (or at least at a reduced rate). You also need to keep detailed records of how much medicine you’ve given out each month, as well as any expenses related to growing or purchasing marijuana (like seeds or fertilizer) for those patients.

If you want to become an official grower instead of just helping out friends who need it sometimes, there are some additional responsibilities involved: registering with the state; following all federal laws regarding cultivation; keeping accurate records of all plants grown; ensuring compliance with local ordinances regarding zoning restrictions on growing operations; etcetera… It’s pretty complicated stuff!


IndiGrow Cannabis Dispensary: Bringing You Craft-Style Flower & Products!

As you can see, there are some significant differences between cannabis caregivers and growers in Michigan. We believe that caregivers are a crucial aspect of the medical cannabis industry. They offer an absolutely vital service for patients in need.

Simply put: caregivers are different from traditional commercial growers because a caregiver specifically tailors each cannabis plant in order to get the best possible medicinal benefits, while the grower is mainly concerned about yield and financial gain.

Come to IndiGrow for our craft-style cultivation and operations inspired by caregiver roots!

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