The Rising Popularity of Cannatourism & Info About Indigrow’s Hands-on Facility Tours

The Rising Popularity of Cannatourism & Info About Indigrow’s Hands-on Facility Tours

Are you looking to plan a trip soon? Wondering where you should explore next? Let your senses go on an adventure with cannatourism. In this blog, we’ll talk about what cannatourism is and popular cannatourism sites in Michigan, including Indigrow’s very own facility tour.


What is ‘Cannatourism’?

Cannatourism, also known as cannabis tourism, is a growing trend that involves individuals traveling to destinations where cannabis consumption is legal and regulated. It offers a unique experience for enthusiasts and curious travelers alike, providing opportunities to explore and engage with the cannabis culture in a safe and controlled environment.

Cannatourism destinations often feature cannabis-themed activities such as guided visits to marijuana dispensaries, educational workshops on cultivation and consumption, and even cannabis-friendly accommodations. This emerging industry attracts not only recreational users but also individuals seeking alternative medicinal treatments, as many destinations offer access to medical marijuana.

Cannatourism presents a chance for people to learn about the various strains, methods of consumption, and the legal and cultural aspects surrounding cannabis. It contributes to local economies by generating revenue through tourism, creating jobs, and stimulating related industries, such as hospitality and transportation. With the ever-changing landscape of cannabis legislation, cannatourism is expected to continue its growth and evolve as an enticing option for travelers seeking a unique and immersive experience.


Where can you consume cannabis in Michigan?

According to Michigan state law, cannabis can only be consumed on private property. Because of this stipulation, it’s important to find events and locations that allow you to partake without breaking the law.

  • Michigan’s largest cannabis event, Hash Bash, is held in Ann Arbor on the first Saturday of April, Hash Bash has been a gathering point for cannabis activists and enthusiasts since 1972! The event features speeches, live music, a ton of vendors, and activism that draws attention to necessary reform in cannabis laws on a local, state, and federal level.
  • If you’re looking for even more live music, check out the Summer’s End Smoke Out, which has 3 stages for a whole weekend of nonstop tokes and tunes. Come for a day or camp out for all three days. It’s high time you bring your friends and make some new buds at this 420-friendly festival.
  • If you’re looking for a more professional event, CannaCon (a cannabis convention that tours across the country) makes a stop in Detroit to represent the Midwest cannabis culture. You can check out the sea of vendors, attend workshops and seminars, and even do a little networking in the cannabis space.
  • If you’re looking for more of a backyard-hangout vibe, check out The Bowl, at 623 West Clay Ave in Muskegon, right next to IndiGrow. The space is private property, blocked from public view and has picnic tables and trash cans. Some events happen here, including outdoor games and Wake n’ Bake.


Come Experience Our Hands-On Facility Canna-tour!

While these cannabis events happen only once a year, at IndiGrow, we provide year-round tours of our state-of-the-art facilities. Our knowledgable guides will walk you through every step of the process, from seed to sale. Here, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the cannabis industry, including its history, regulations, and future trends.

Our immersive journey will allow you to experience firsthand what it’s like to curate craft cannabis. In fact, we even have a hands-on plant-touching portion of the tour, which you can’t find anywhere else. The tour package includes a full facility tour, all necessary PPE, a Q&A session, a t-shirt, and a fresh flight of pre-rolls for you to take for a spin.

Check out a recent video about our tours (& more) featuring our owners, Karen and Steven Kekelik! 

There is no limit on how many times you can tour the facility, and each tour will be slightly different due to production timelines (i.e., what strains we have and where in the life cycle the plants are). Our full facility tours give you a closer look into the commercial cannabis market, showing you how IndiGrow takes the time to make it craft.

The tour does not teach you how to cultivate cannabis — however, if you’re interested in honing in your growing skills — stay tuned for our Home Grow 101 course!


Indigrow Small-Batch Craft Flower — Helping You Immerse Yourself in the Wonderful World of Cannabis

Overall, cannatourism is a great way to travel to new locations and learn more about local cannabis and culture. By partaking in cannabis-themed events or tours, you can immerse yourself in the world of cannabis and find out exactly why it’s such a beloved plant.

Want to take a deep dive into Indigrow’s facilities? Book your tour here, today!


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