An Introduction to Indigrow & Information About Our Opening

An Introduction to Indigrow & Information About Our Opening

Here at Indigrow, we are thrilled to finally be bringing high-quality small-batch craft cannabis to Muskegon, MI!

Our stellar team has been working around the clock to make sure everything is just right, and as we get closer to our opening, we wanted to take a moment in order to introduce you to our brand.

Can’t wait to find out more?  We certainly cannot blame you.

Keep reading for a brief introduction into who we are, as we highlight just *some* of the aspects that make Indigrow so uniquely great!


Our Beginnings & the Importance of ‘Small-Batch’ Craft Cannabis

Firstly, we chose the name ‘Indigrow’ because it was short for “independent grow.” We also liked that it sounded similar to ‘indigo’ (a color that is often associated with the cannabis plant).

From the start, we knew we wanted a diamond for our logo. This is important to our mission as we not only intend to sell ‘diamonds’ as concentrate, but we also felt that this symbol in particular really exemplifies the high-quality standards of our products.

At Indigrow, all parts of our plants are used to create our high-quality extracts. When we say ‘craft’, we mean small-batch and quality-focused cannabis.

Where other grows focus on quantity and pumping out as much product as possible—we are focused solely on quality and getting all that special goodness out of our plants.

This is our ‘bread-and-butter’ as well as what sets us apart from other growers and dispensaries. We’re more than proud to boast that we are a truly vertically-integrated operation!


Non-Judgemental Cannabis Education: Who We Are

Next, for our team at Indigrow, our founding happened not only in the middle of a global pandemic but also during a time of substantial family changes.

These driving forces are what keep us going in the industry; we strive to set an example by showing that positive things can be accomplished in times of crisis, change, and uncertainty.

We also strive to always operate with a consultative approach regarding our Indigrow sales team.

Each budtender will be fully versed in our growing methods, processing, various consumption methods, etc. Our goal is for our budtenders to match each customer with the products that best fit their specific personal wellness needs and desired effects.


Indigrow: Bringing a Caregiver’s Craft Style of Growing to the Commercial Industry

Furthermore, it’s a fact that caregivers have laid the foundation for Michigan’s evolving cannabis industry, but have not yet been afforded the opportunity to bring high-quality, medicinal-grade cannabis to the commercial market.

We at Indigrow believe it is our duty to honor the people that made recreational cannabis possible by bringing a caregiver’s craft style of growing to the commercial industry.

We also recognize the diverse assortment our team holds. From medical professionals, to lawyers, to growers, to experienced budtenders, we all had to start somewhere.

We aim to produce and distribute educational content in a non-judgmental manner. These resources will reference cannabis basics, child safety, and the normalization/destigmatization of the cannabis plant, among many other vital topics.


About Our Location in Beautiful Muskegon

With our location in the heart of Muskegon, our roots lie deep and our experience behind Indigrow is massive.

Although the showroom is new construction, the back wall shows the old brick from the original warehouse!

We feel that it is a beautiful reflection of Muskegon’s proud industrial heritage and we plan to demonstrate our location as a reflection of that heritage and history. (Stay tuned for an upcoming blog detailing the history of our amazing facility.)


Moving Forward: Challenging the Cannabis Industry to Do Better

What’s more – as we move forward, we envision Indigrow challenging the cannabis industry to have higher, more reliable standards.

We expect to be the leaders of microbusiness licensure here in Michigan. We will be helping to lobby for clearer legislation on the state level, as well as joining the fight for federal legalization.

We also plan to do our part in helping with community outreach by partnering exclusively with local nonprofits, as well as donating directly to the city of Muskegon.


Stay Tuned-in to Our Socials & Blog Page for More Grand Opening Info!

Finally, as we get closer and closer to the Grand Opening of Indigrow, you’ll start to see more buzz on our socials and more content on our website.

To learn more, be sure to reach out and connect with us ~ we look forward to seeing you all soon!


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